5 things only seasoned festival-goers will know

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Listen to the voice of experience – these tips will help you survive your first festival

Festival season is finally upon us once again and what better way to spend a weekend in the summer than drinking warm beer and watching your favourite band in a field with your friends?

That said, festivals also have the potential to be cruel to the uninitiated – inclement weather, mud and dodgy food have ruined the vibe for many a first-time attendee, but with these tips and tricks from experienced festival-goers you’ll be certain to conquer the fields and make the festival your home away from home:

1. Bring baby wipes

It’s important to remember that most festivals don’t have shower facilities – and if they do, you’ll waste at least half of your day queueing up to make use of them. There are much better things to do with your time at a festival, like watching bands, drinking fruity cider and making new friends. When it comes to keeping hygienic, baby wipes are ideal for cleaning everything from intimate body parts to your face, after you wake up and realise you allowed somebody to paint it in a variety of neon colours the previous evening.

2. Water is important

Waking up with a dry mouth the morning after one too many drinks is never pleasant. Multiply that feeling by one hundred and you’re still nowhere close to the dreaded festival hangover. When you wake up in the searing heat of your tent, the first thing you’re going to need is water. Bringing your own supply is far preferable than having to go on a mission in the early hours of the morning to queue at one of the water points. Remember to bring bottled water, or make a point of filling up a water holder as soon as you arrive – you’ll thank yourself in the morning.

3. Wellies aren’t a fashion statement

When supermodels like Kate Moss rock a pair of custom-made Hunter wellies, they aren’t just trying to look cool. Wellington boots are a life-safer in boggy conditions. If you don’t want to spend the weekend slipping and sliding, give it some welly.

4. You will miss one of your favourite bands

Festivals are all about opening your senses to new sights and sounds. This invariably means you will end up missing a must-see act because you’ve stumbled across a Mongolian throat-singing duo on one of the smaller stages. You might also find yourself torn between choosing one of your all-time favourite acts on the main stage and one of the hottest new artists playing elsewhere at the same time. Unless you’re prepared to be hyper-organised, chances are you will miss something – and nobody likes a square. Just relax and enjoy the atmosphere instead.

5. Pack for all weather conditions

It will get cold. Even on the warmest summer day, as soon as the sun goes down and you’re out of the huddle of the mosh pit, you’re going to need something comfortable to keep you from letting the party down and retiring to your sleeping bag for warmth.

Waterproofs are also an essential. Festivals are about the only environment where pack-a-macs are acceptable to wear without looking like a trainspotter – so keep dry, keep warm, keep safe and enjoy your festival experience!

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