How to perfectly plan your first music festival

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There’s nothing quite as life-affirming and all round awesome as a good music festival.

However, if it’s the first one you’ve been to, it’s possible you’ll be feeling a bit nervous. The best way to ease those nerves, believe it or not, is to plan your big weekend ahead of time. That way, you’re less likely to stumble across any issues.

Here are some of the things you should plan for:

Plan who you’re going to see and when

It can be tempting to just ‘wing it’ on the day, but trust us: it’s far easier to work out who you’re going to watch before you go, rather than when you’re in the middle of a buzzing field and you can’t hear anything! Festivals usually release times in advance, so print it off and work out who your priorities are. Unfortunately, you’ll almost certainly get one or two clashes, but that’s life!

Get a map

On principle, at festivals it should be easy to work out what’s where. After all, you’re in a big open field! Don’t be fooled: once you’re actually in the middle of it and there are other people blocking your view, it’s easier to get lost than you might think. It’s also easy to under-estimate how long it’ll take you to get from one area of the site to another. Get a map, and take it with you everywhere.

Get an app

A lot of modern festivals release their own app, jam-packed with useful information about what’s on, where everything is and up-to-date news about anything that’s changed. If your chosen event’s got one, get it: it’s a total no-brainer, and you don’t want to be the one person who misses that mega band’s surprise set that the app warned everyone about!

Get in as early as you can bear

Alright, alright, we’ll say it: getting up early sucks. But here’s the thing: EVERYONE thinks that. A lot of festival attendees aren’t even awake before the first band comes on, which means you can take advantage by turning up early and scoping out the place. Work out where the things you need are.

Prepare for the sun

Alright, we know: this is Britain. However, our summers have been getting toastier and you definitely don’t want to be the person who gets this wrong. Wear sunblock or a hat, and no, this isn’t up for debate. Shade is hard to come by at a festival, so if you don’t come prepared for the sun and it appears, you could be in real trouble. Needless to say, you should also seriously stock up on lots and lots of water. Stay hydrated.

Arrange a meeting spot

This is the other thing that’ll save you more than once. It’s almost inevitable that, at some point, you and your friends will get separated. It might be in a mosh pit, or it might just be because you disagree on who you want to watch! Either way, pick somewhere to meet should you get lost. It’s usually best to pick something that can be seen from all over the site, such as a fairground ride or a brightly coloured big tent.

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